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pretty boys dolled up in pink aprons
[don't smoke kiddies:it's bad for your voice]
21st-Nov-2005 07:03 pm
NOM | 三宅健
So, while I'm building up my reference sheet for wafflecrack again, some old (at least a year old) pieces of Waffle Crack will be posted up through the following week. Well, until Thursday. But I promise you you'll love Thursday's, particularly if you're a fan of Tennis no Oujisama. 8D

Obviously, these are all before Seigo joined FLAME, so if you're a fan of Noguchi, sorry, he's not in here.
Seigo: After reading these, damn glad I am for that.
Keitachi: Shut up. It's not fair.

Bishounen Senshi Sailor-wFL!

pieces as Tuxedo KC
Tachibana Keita as Sailor Keita/ex-Moon
Furuya Keita as Sailor Chibikeita (aka Chibi-kei)/ex-Chibimoon
Kitamura Yuu as Sailor Kita-chin/ex-Mercury
Taniuchi Shinya as Sailor Shin-chan/ex-Mars
Kagimoto Akira as Sailor Akiyo/ex-Jupiter
Ogata Ryuichi as Sailor Doraepon/ex-Venus
Izaki Hisato as Sailor Satopon/ex-Uranus
Izaki Yusuke as Sailor Sukepon/ex-Neptune
Chiba Ryohei as Sailor Chibaka/ex-Saturn
Nakadoi Hiroki as Sailor Hirodoki/ex-Pluto
Kaneko Kyohei Koneko, the cat advisor (formerly Luna/Artemis/Diana)

Ryuichi: I dunno... you looked good in that leather skirt, Banana-pon.
Yusuke: Don't the Sailorstarlights wear leather skirts?
Hiroki: *claps* That's it~! Make w-inds. be the Sailorstarlights!
w-inds.: WTF?!
Akira: *thinking* So that would leave Hiroki to be Sailormoon, me to be Tuxedo Kamen, and Shinya can be our illegitimate love child, Chibishin-chan!
rest of Lead: *stuffs Akira into the closet*
Ryohei: What I want to know is why I have to be Sailorsaturn. -_-;; Why am I still stuck with you, Furupon? And your annoying pinkness?
Keifu: I'M NOT PINK!
Yuu: *pours a bucket of hot pink paint all over Keifu* So you say.
Shinya: *cracking up* Oh, no! Please don't hurt me! Nooo~ not the PINK SUGAR FURUPON ATTACK!
Keifu: I'm. Going. To. Kill. You. Very. Slowly. And. Painfully.
Kyohei: Yeah, the Pink Sugar Furupon attack does that as well. Along with being embarassing. *snickers*
Hisato: Am I the only one who realizes Kimi-chan is trying to put us all in miniskirts? -_-;;

wFL-mon! XD
Tachibana Keita = Tachibanair (Dragonair)
Chiba Ryohei = Ryoduck (Golduck/Psyduck, take your pick. I like to think Chibaka is cooler than Psyduck, despite me calling him baka.)
Ogata Ryuichi = Ryutwo (Mewtwo)
Nakadoi Hiroki = Hiroyster (Cloyster)
Taniuchi Shinya = Shintails (Ninetails)
Kagimoto Akira = Akiranine (Arcanine. XD)
Furuya Keita = Furutini (Dratini. The Fruity Martini drink.)
Izaki Yusuke = Yusuchop (Machop - credits to pieces)
Izaki Hisato = Hisa-Mime! (Mr. Mime X3)
Kitamura Yuu = Pikayuu (Pikachu. XD)
Kaneko Kyohei = Koneko Kyohei, the Nyaasu/Meowth~

Kyohei: >.< I'm never going to live that down, am I?
Yuu: Pika?
Shinya: Shin! Shin!
Ryohei: Ryo? Ryoyoyoyo~ *clutches head*
Ryuichi: *smirking* Ryu!
Akira: Akiiiiiii! *starts chasing after Kyohei*
Hisato: *makes silent hand motions in the air*
Keitachi: Tachi!
Keifu: Furu! *wraps around Kyohei and holds him still with Keitachi*
Hiroki: Hiro hiro! *makes clamping motions*
Yusuke: Yusu! Yusuchop! *makes chopping motions*
Kyohei: ...eep.

Tomorrow: waFFLe Radio Hour!
22nd-Nov-2005 12:45 am (UTC) - "Furuya Keita = Furutini (Dratini. The Fruity Martini drink.)"
*dies* Oh, this is way past hilarious. XD
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