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Kimitsu: kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp]
Gackt: asrun^dream [gakuto@ip4444.dears.ne.jp]
Tachibana Keita: ~tachibanana [tachibana@ip2026.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Chiba Ryohei: [ChiBaka] [chiba@ip2027.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Ogata Ryuichi: ichigo_dragon [ogata@ip2028.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Izaki Yusuke: o-sukeyaki [yusuke@ip2029.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Izaki Hisato: -debiru_boi- [hisato@ip2030.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Kitamura Yuu: Kita_Yuu [kitamura@ip2031.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Noguchi Seigo: 'pecotan-- [noguchi@ip2037.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Nakadoi Hiroki: ^hiro_kingu^ [nakadoi@ip2033.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Taniuchi Shinya: =shinchan05= [taniuchi@ip2034.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Furuya Keita: // FRUITini // [furuya@ip2035.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Kagimoto Akira: aruka9 [kagimoto@ip2036.ponycanyon.co.jp]

Chat #05: 11/18/2004 19:08:48 PM

*** Now talking in #wafflecrack
Topic is -= Chihei e otanjoubi omedetou~ =-

[19:19] <kimikoto> Ne, ne, how's it feel to be 20, Chihei?
[19:20] <[ChiBaka]> Could be better.
[19:20] <[ChiBaka]> You know, if Gackt weren't here?
[19:20] <~tachibanana> How could you reject my birthday present to you?!
[19:21] <ichigo_dragon> No, that's MY birthday present to him!
[19:21] <[ChiBaka]> Gee... thanks...
[19:22] * [ChiBaka] mills the Tachibanana and the Strawberry out the window
[19:22] <[ChiBaka]> WHO SAID I WANTED GACKT?!
[19:23] <asrun^dream> I'm hurt.
[19:23] <asrun^dream> Please don't reject my personal birthday gift to you, Chiba-chan.
[19:23] <[ChiBaka]> O_o
[19:24] <[ChiBaka]> Gackt...
[19:24] <asrun^dream> Yes, dearest Chiba-chan?
[19:24] <[ChiBaka]> You want to know the best gift you could give me?
[19:25] <asrun^dream> Oooh, yes~
[19:25] <~tachibanana> O_O
[19:25] <ichigo_dragon> Uh....
[19:26] <[ChiBaka]> Don't EVER send me naked full-body pictures of you again. Please.
[19:26] * ~tachibanana is dying of laughter
[19:26] <[ChiBaka]> I don't want badly Photoshopped naked full-body pictures of you either, Keita.
[19:27] * ~tachibanana chokes on his laughter
[19:27] <~tachibanana> I... what?!
[19:27] <ichigo_dragon> *cough* Can't deny your love for him, huh?
[19:27] <ichigo_dragon> Tsk, Furuya's gonna have to fight for his Ryohei now. XD
[19:28] <[ChiBaka]> I don't want naked full-body pictures of you as well, Ryu.
[19:28] <[ChiBaka]> Or the rest of you lurking guys, for that matter.
[19:28] <// FRUITini //> Meep.
[19:29] <=shinchan05=> Who's lurking?
[19:29] <aruka9> Er... what he said.
[19:29] * ^hiro_kingu^ coughs and looks away
[19:29] <Kita_Yuu> Um... what?
[19:30] * o-sukeyaki pushes Hisato in front
[19:30] * -debiru_boi- pushes Yusuke in front
[19:30] <'pecotan--> Wait... you ALL gave him naked full body pictures?
[19:31] <[ChiBaka]> Don't play innocent, you did it too, Seigo.
[19:31] <'pecotan--> What?!
[19:31] <asrun^dream> I'm hurt... why don't I get these pictures?
[19:31] <[ChiBaka]> Never mind that, of all the cruel birthday gifts...
[19:32] <[ChiBaka]> I specifically asked for a new boombox, and what do I get?
[19:32] <[ChiBaka]> People trying to convert me to homosexuality!
[19:33] <asrun^dream> *pouts* ...it's a lot of fun...
[19:33] <kimikoto> There, there, Chihei...
[19:34] <kimikoto> You know, if you'd checked livejournal, you'd have seen a ton of birthday banners for you.
[19:34] <o-sukeyaki> WHAT?! I want birthday banners too!
[19:34] <-debiru_boi-> *snickers* You're not cute enough
[19:34] <Kita_Yuu> Eep.
[19:35] <Kita_Yuu> Down, Yusuke - Devil powers are not to be used for these purposes.
[19:35] <o-sukeyaki> Damn you too, Kitapon. Even you have a cuter nickname than me!
[19:36] <[ChiBaka]> *sigh* Woe is me.
[19:36] <[ChiBaka]> It's my birthday and I'm not even loved.
[19:36] <[ChiBaka]> And whatever you're thinking, Gackt, forget it.
[19:37] *** [ChiBaka] [chiba@ip2027.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (I'm going to celebrate my birthday all alone now, thank you very much.)
[19:37] <~tachibanana> Okay, now we can pull the surprise party on him, right?
[19:38] <ichigo_dragon> Surprise party?
[19:38] <asrun^dream> Didn't your email say to surprise him with physical love?
[19:38] <aruka9> O_o How did YOU get the e-mail?
[19:39] <asrun^dream> I have my ways, Kagimoto-chan. I have my ways.
[19:40] <Kita_Yuu> So now we know who sent the naked pictures.
[19:40] <ichigo_dragon> Never mind that, WHAT SURPRISE PARTY?!
[19:41] <~tachibanana> Weren't YOU guys planning it?
[19:41] <o-sukeyaki> Er... no?
[19:42] <-debiru_boi-> We thought you w-inds. guys would be.
[19:42] <^hiro_kingu^> Especially since you're his bandmates and all...
[19:42] <=shinchan05=> So this basically means we all really did pretty much ignore his birthday.
[19:43] <// FRUITini //> WAAAAH! Emergency presents!
[19:43] <// FRUITini //> I'll give him my special orange cap!
[19:43] <aruka9> Don't you have, like, over 50 of those? All looking the same? O_o;;
[19:44] <// FRUITini //> This one's special. It's the one I met him in.
[19:44] *** // FRUITini // [furuya@ip2035.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (PURESENTO o furou~)
[19:45] <ichigo_dragon> Okay, so it's time for Operation Hasty Party.
[19:45] <=shinchan05=> What the-?
[19:45] <~tachibanana> Never mind, let's just quickly plan!
[19:46] <~tachibanana> And go somewhere else, Gackt. PLEASE.
[19:47] <asrun^dream> ...only because it's Chiba-chan's birthday.
[19:47] asrun^dream [gakuto@ip4444.dears.ne.jp] has left #wafflecrack (Meanies.)
[19:48] <~tachibanana> Okay, now we plan...
*** Disconnected

Suffice to say, the ChiBaka got a very hastily put-together party. Mostly involving the Beatmania games (and Pump It Up) and cake. And much tossing the rest of wFL out of the PURO-K Building's windows for having done this last minute. But in the end...

(ちょっと遅い) お誕生日おめでとう、 チヘイくん!
NOM | 三宅健

Gackt: asrun^dream [gakuto@ip4444.dears.ne.jp]
Hyde: trick_on_you [hyde@ip9407.larc-en-ciel.com]
Chiba Ryohei: [ChiBaka] [chiba@ip2027.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Noguchi Seigo: 'pecotan-- [noguchi@ip2037.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Furuya Keita: // FRUITini // [furuya@ip2035.ponycanyon.co.jp]

Chat #04: 11/15/2004 10:14:39 AM

*** Now talking in #wafflecrack
Topic is -= Gackt-sama's love for you all =-

[10:14] *** 'pecotan-- [noguchi@ip2037.ponycanyon.co.jp] has joined #wafflecrack
[10:14] *** trick_on_you [hyde@ip9407.larc-en-ciel.com] has joined #wafflecrack
[10:15] <trick_on_you> Okay, so what's this all about, Noguchi?
[10:15] <[ChiBaka]> Who's that, Seigo?
[10:15] <asrun^dream> Dearest Hyde-sama!
[10:16] * asrun^dream glomps and feels up Hyde in every way imaginable.
[10:16] <trick_on_you> !!!
[10:16] <trick_on_you> Okay, either there's a fangirl in here, or...
[10:17] <asrun^dream> It's me, your Gakkun!
[10:17] <trick_on_you> ...........
[10:17] <trick_on_you> That's it, I'm leaving.
[10:17] <trick_on_you> Noguchi, I hate you.
[10:18] <'pecotan--> I'm sorry?
[10:18] <[ChiBaka]> I'd love you, Seigo, were it not for the fact that he's about to leave and my freedom is apparently not forthcoming.
[10:19] <asrun^dream> No, Hyde-sama! Don't leave! We've got dates with visual-kei to plan together!
[10:19] <trick_on_you> What about your boytoys here?
[10:20] <[ChiBaka]> I'm so totally hurt by that, Hyde.
[10:20] <asrun^dream> Don't sound so familiar with my Hyde-sama!
[10:20] <asrun^dream> And insolent boytoys could never live up to Hyde-sama!
[10:21] * asrun^dream wants to strip Hyde so very very badly and is about to do so.
[10:21] <trick_on_you> Noguchi, I hope you die so very very painfully in the seven hells.
[10:21] <'pecotan--> I said I was sorry?
[10:22] <[ChiBaka]> Come to think of it, how DID you get his screenname, Seigo?
[10:22] <'pecotan--> Part of the glories of not knowing Gackt but knowing Laruku.
[10:22] <[ChiBaka]> Er, yeah.
[10:23] <[ChiBaka]> Whatever. I'm saving this SN. >D
[10:23] <trick_on_you> Okay, Gackt, down.
[10:24] * asrun^dream quickly obeys his Hyde-sama.
[10:24] <[ChiBaka]> O_o;;
[10:25] <[ChiBaka]> That's just so very very freaky.
[10:25] <[ChiBaka]> Worse than me and Keita.
[10:25] <[ChiBaka]> Er, Furuya.
[10:26] <asrun^dream> He's gorgeous, too.
[10:26] <asrun^dream> I'll bet HE'S never gone visual-kei.
[10:26] <asrun^dream> Though he'd probably be gorgeous in visual-kei too.
[10:27] <// FRUITini //> I so totally regret lurking now.
[10:27] <// FRUITini //> Bad images, bad images, bad images... ARGH!
[10:27] *** // FRUITini // [furuya@ip2035.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (Gackt, I hate you so very, very dearly.)
[10:28] <asrun^dream> Awww... I love him so very very dearly too <3
[10:28] <[ChiBaka]> Dammit, so I could've left all this time?!
[10:28] <[ChiBaka]> Er... Hyde, is he always so dense?
[10:28] <trick_on_you> Only when he wants to be.
[10:29] <'pecotan--> This is all becoming a very interesting learning session.
[10:29] <[ChiBaka]> Why, you...!
[10:29] *** [ChiBaka] [chiba@ip2037.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (Seigo, stay in your room until I come over to kick your butt!)
[10:30] <'pecotan--> ...shit.
[10:30] *** 'pecotan-- [noguchi@ip2037.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (Saving my butt, dammit.)
[10:31] <trick_on_you> Well, no more incentive to stay.
[10:31] *** trick_on_you [hyde@ip9407.larc-en-ciel.com] cannot leave #wafflecrack (Rule: Two people at all times.)
[10:31] <trick_on_you> WHAT THE F-?!?!
[10:32] <asrun^dream> I love you when you curse too, Hyde-sama. <3
[10:32] <trick_on_you> Okay, will the moderator GET THAT DAMN RULE OFF?!
[10:32] <asrun^dream> I do believe Kimi left for school over an hour ago.
[10:32] <asrun^dream> More alone time for us! <3
[10:33] <trick_on_you> Oh, FUCKING hell.
[10:33] * trick_on_you screams in agony
[10:33] <asrun^dream> Mmmm... I love it when you do that, too, Hyde-sama. So very sexy.
[10:34] <trick_on_you> God... just kill me now.
*** Disconnected

*cough* I'll make it longer next time, I promise.
14th-Nov-2004 05:45 am - Attack of the Gackt!
NOM | 三宅健
Kimitsu: kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp]
Gackt: asrun^dream [gakuto@ip4444.dears.ne.jp]
Tachibana Keita: ~tachibanana [tachibana@ip2026.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Chiba Ryohei: [ChiBaka] [chiba@ip2027.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Ogata Ryuichi: ichigo_dragon [ogata@ip2028.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Noguchi Seigo: 'pecotan-- [noguchi@ip2037.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Furuya Keita: // FRUITini // [furuya@ip2035.ponycanyon.co.jp]

Chat #03: 11/13/2004 05:02:59 PM

*** Now talking in #wafflecrack
Topic is -= Harukanaru Toki no wFL da =-

[17:02] <// FRUITini //> Really, Kimi, why me as Eisen?!
[17:03] <// FRUITini //> He's so feminine!
[17:03] <asrun^dream> Yeah, we all know that belongs to Tachibana, that idiot.
[17:03] <asrun^dream> Going visual-kei behind my back. *sniff*
[17:04] <~tachibanana> Gackt, I told you that was my sister Mio-
[17:04] <~tachibanana> Gackt?
[17:04] <~tachibanana> AHHHHHHHHHH!!!!
[17:04] * // FRUITini // faints
[17:04] *** // FRUITini // [furuya@ip2035.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (I'm going to cower in bed now and away from stalker Gackt.)
[17:05] <~tachibanana> HOW THE HELL DID YOU GET IN HERE, GACKT?!?!
[17:05] <~tachibanana> Kimi, kick him out!
[17:06] <kimikoto> Fufufufufu... too funny, this is.
[17:06] <~tachibanana> WHAT? You sadistic....
[17:06] <kimikoto> Eh? Sorry, was watching Genshiken.
[17:06] <~tachibanana> Okay, now that I have your attention, get Gackt out!
[17:07] <asrun^dream> So cruel, Tachibana.
[17:07] <kimikoto> Gackt's in here?
[17:07] <asrun^dream> Konnichiwa.
[17:07] <kimikoto> Okay, this is funny too.
[17:08] <kimikoto> ^.^
[17:08] <kimikoto> Just let me set a rule that makes sure two people are on at all times...
[17:08] *** @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (You two need some alone time together.)
[17:08] *** ~tachibanana [tachibana@ip2026.ponycanyon.co.jp] cannot leave #wafflecrack (Rule: Two people at all times.)
[17:09] <~tachibanana> DAMN YOUR SADISM!
[17:09] <asrun^dream> C'mon, Tachibana, you've got to admit it was sweet of her.
[17:09] <asrun^dream> Now let's plan our next date where we go visual-kei together.
[17:10] <~tachibanana> What?!
[17:10] *** ichigo_dragon [ogata@ip2028.ponycanyon.co.jp] has joined #wafflecrack
[17:10] <~tachibanana> Ryu! My savior!
[17:11] <ichigo_dragon> Hmm?
[17:11] <asrun^dream> Ogata-cha~n!
[17:11] <ichigo_dragon> O_o;;
[17:12] <~tachibanana> That's Gackt. You're saving me from him.
[17:12] <ichigo_dragon> Oh.
[17:12] <ichigo_dragon> OH.
[17:12] <ichigo_dragon> Oh no. -_-;;
[17:13] *** ichigo_dragon [ogata@ip2028.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (Save yourself, Keita. Like hell I'm saving YOU.)
[17:13] <~tachibanana> Gee, thanks, Ryu. >.<
[17:13] <asrun^dream> See, I knew you could be thoughtful!
[17:14] *** 'pecotan-- [noguchi@ip2037.ponycanyon.co.jp] has joined #wafflecrack
[17:14] <~tachibanana> Gackt, shut up. Please.
[17:14] <'pecotan--> Gackt?
[17:14] <asrun^dream> You're the new member of FLAME, aren't you?
[17:15] <'pecotan--> I had no idea we knew Gackt.
[17:15] <'pecotan--> Er, yeah. Noguchi Seigo. Yoroshiku.
[17:16] <~tachibanana> Yes, Seigo. We know Gackt.
[17:16] <~tachibanana> Not very happily, but we do.
[17:16] <~tachibanana> And you're saving me from him.
[17:17] <'pecotan--> Ano... couldn't you just leave the computer?
[17:17] <~tachibanana> But I'm bored and this is the only thing I have to do!
[17:17] <'pecotan--> You make it very hard to save you, you know that?
[17:18] <~tachibanana> Yes.
[17:18] <asrun^dream> Because he loves me.
[17:18] <~tachibanana> You can shut up, thanks.
[17:19] <'pecotan--> Er, yeah. Sure.
[17:19] *** 'pecotan-- [noguchi@ip2037.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (Kimi was right about you two. You're hopeless.)
[17:20] <~tachibanana> WHAT?!
[17:20] <asrun^dream> See? Even Kimi realizes it!
[17:20] <~tachibanana> .............why me?!
[17:21] *** [ChiBaka] [chiba@ip2027.ponycanyon.co.jp] has joined #wafflecrack
[17:21] <~tachibanana> Yes! Chance!
[17:21] <[ChiBaka]> Eh?!
[17:22] *** ~tachibanana [tachibana@ip2026.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (Have fun, you two!)
[17:22] <[ChiBaka]> Er...?
[17:22] <asrun^dream> Chiba-cha~n!!!
[17:22] <[ChiBaka]> Oh, shit.
*** Disconnected
12th-Nov-2004 01:48 am - What DID Seigo get himself into...?
NOM | 三宅健
Kimitsu: kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp]
Tachibana Keita: ~tachibanana [tachibana@ip2026.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Izaki Yusuke: o-sukeyaki [yusuke@ip2029.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Izaki Hisato: -debiru_boi- [hisato@ip2030.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Kaneko Kyohei: =^Koneko_Kyo^= [kyohei@ip9408.k4.dion.ne.jp]
Noguchi Seigo: 'pecotan-- [noguchi@ip2037.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Nakadoi Hiroki: ^hiro_kingu^ [nakadoi@ip2033.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Taniuchi Shinya: =shinchan05= [taniuchi@ip2034.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Kagimoto Akira: aruka9 [kagimoto@ip2036.ponycanyon.co.jp]

Chat #02: 11/11/2004 03:17:31 PM

*** Now talking in #wafflecrack
Topic is -= Mirror, Mirror, on the wall // Who's the one behind it all? =-

[15:17] <~tachibanana> What confuses me the most is how Gackt got Furuya to be gay.
[15:18] <~tachibanana> I don't think it was the mirror.
[15:18] *** aruka9 [kagimoto@ip2036.ponycanyon.co.jp] has joined #wafflecrack
[15:18] *** =shinchan05= [taniuchi@ip2034.ponycanyon.co.jp] has joined #wafflecrack
[15:18] *** @kimikoto changes topic to 'You are my NIGHT DELUXE'
[15:19] <=shinchan05=> Okay, Kimi, are you on this thing constantly or something?
[15:19] <=shinchan05=> Because that's just freaky.
[15:20] <aruka9> And what's with that topic? Are you hinting something?
[15:20] <~tachibanana> Ooo... IS Kimi hinting something?
[15:21] * @kimikoto smacks you all upside the head
[15:21] <=^Koneko_Kyo^=> Even me?!
[15:21] <o-sukeyaki> And that's why you shouldn't lurk.
[15:21] <-debiru_boi-> She smacked you too, brother dear.
[15:21] <o-sukeyaki> Shut up.
[15:22] * o-sukeyaki kicks the stupid Izaki out the window
[15:22] <-debiru_boi-> Isn't that you?
[15:22] <o-sukeyaki> Shut. Up. XP
[15:23] <=shinchan05=> SOMEBODY's constipated...
[15:23] <'pecotan--> Oh, before I forget..
[15:24] <'pecotan--> Will someone please explain Shinya-kun's obsession with constipation to me?!
[15:25] <^hiro_kingu^> .........
[15:25] <aruka9> ..............
[15:25] <=shinchan05=> .........
[15:26] <~tachibanana> You didn't watch Lead's Night Deluxe PV, did you?
[15:26] <'pecotan--> No?
[15:26] <~tachibanana> That will explain everything.
[15:27] <kimikoto> *patpat* It's okay, Peco-chan~
[15:27] <'pecotan--> ...but I'm not Peco of Nippon Daiji anymore. I'm Seigo of FLAME.
[15:28] <=^Koneko_Kyo^=> And I'm KYOHEI no longer of FLAME.
[15:28] <o-sukeyaki> Speaking of that...
[15:28] * o-sukeyaki gives Kyohei a wedgie
[15:29] <=^Koneko_Kyo^=> *wincing* WHAT?!
[15:30] <'pecotan--> ...I feel unwanted. =.=
[15:31] * @kimikoto glomps Seigo
[15:32] <kimikoto> I want you, Seikun~
[15:32] <~tachibanana> O_o;; ...Explains the topic, at least?
[15:33] <=^Koneko_Kyo^=> Aren't you glad she's not glomping you?
[15:32] * ~tachibanana covers Kyohei's mouth
[15:33] <~tachibanana> Shhhh... Don't remind her!
[15:33] <aruka9> What about me?
[15:34] <aruka9> Do I get a glomp?
[15:34] <=shinchan05=> *snickers* You're too constipated to get anything.
[15:34] <aruka9> That's HIROKI!
[15:35] * 'pecotan-- is watching the 'Night Deluxe' PV
[15:35] <'pecotan--> O_O Akira-kun and Hiroki-kun really do look constipated in here...
[15:35] <=shinchan05=> Hah! Told you you were!
[15:36] <aruka9> SEIGO YOU TRAITOR!
[15:36] <o-sukeyaki> *mutters* More like Kyohei.
[15:36] <=^Koneko_Kyo^=> WHAT?! Can't I have a solo career?!
[15:37] * -debiru_boi- pats Yusuke
[15:37] <-debiru_boi-> There, there, EX-leader.
[15:38] * o-sukeyaki kicks the stupid Izaki out the window
[15:38] <-debiru_boi-> And again... isn't that you?
[15:38] <o-sukeyaki> I hate you.
[15:38] <-debiru_boi-> I love you too, brother dear.
[15:35] <'pecotan--> O_O What did I get myself into...?
*** Disconnected
10th-Nov-2004 11:52 pm - Welcome to #wafflecrack
NOM | 三宅健
*cough* To the two of you who have had this thing friended for months, I apologize for the delay. wafflecrack, ketsune, and #wafflecrack now proudly present our first chatlog:

Kimitsu: kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp]
Tachibana Keita: ~tachibanana [tachibana@ip2026.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Chiba Ryohei: [ChiBaka] [chiba@ip2027.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Ogata Ryuichi: ichigo_dragon [ogata@ip2028.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Izaki Yusuke: o-sukeyaki [yusuke@ip2029.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Izaki Hisato: -debiru_boi- [hisato@ip2030.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Kitamura Yuu: Kita_Yuu [kitamura@ip2031.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Nakadoi Hiroki: ^hiro_kingu^ [nakadoi@ip2033.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Furuya Keita: // FRUITini // [furuya@ip2035.ponycanyon.co.jp]

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Chat #01: 11/10/2004 09:19:02 PM

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Topic is -= And so Kimi laughs =-

[21:19] * ~tachibanana weeps
[21:19] <~tachibanana> Of all the names to give me, Kimi!
[21:19] <~tachibanana> Couldn't you have given me something else?
[21:19] * @kimikoto smiles innocently
[21:19] <@kimikoto> Would you like to answer that yourself?
[21:20] <[ChiBaka]> ...
[21:20] <ichigo_dragon> You have no right to complain, Tachibanana.
[21:20] * ~tachibanana death-glares at Ryuichi
[21:21] <~tachibanana> Shut. Up.
[21:21] <^hiro_kingu^> Personally, I'm pretty satisfied.
[21:22] * ichigo_dragon kicks Hiroki
[21:22] <ichigo_dragon> You would be. YOU lucked out, dammit.
[21:22] *** -debiru_boi- [hisato@ip2030.polycanyon.co.jp] has joined #wafflecrack
[21:22] *** Kita_Yuu [kitamura@ip2031.ponycanyon.co.jp] has joined #wafflecrack
[21:22] *** o-sukeyaki [yusuke@ip2029.ponycanyon.co.jp] has joined #wafflecrack
[21:23] <// FRUITini //> Talk about a wildfire spreading...
[21:23] * ~tachibanana snickers
[21:23] * ^hiro_kingu^ moans and collapses to the ground
[21:24] <[ChiBaka]> O_o;;
[21:24] <^hiro_kingu^> The puns... stupid Furupon... the puns... argh...
[21:24] <ichigo_dragon> Not fair!
[21:24] <ichigo_dragon> How is that more effective than a kick?
[21:25] <-debiru_boi-> Because your kicks suck, Strawberry.
[21:25] <ichigo_dragon> I'll have you know Ichigo is a perfectly cool character in Bleach.
[21:26] <ichigo_dragon> Right, Chibaka?
[21:26] <~tachibanana> Isn't that MY nickname for him?
[21:26] <[ChiBaka]> Seeing as you've stolen my Shounen Jump... how would I know, Ryu?
[21:26] <[ChiBaka]> Oh, and...
[21:26] * [ChiBaka] mills the Tachibanana and the Strawberry out the window
[21:27] *** ~tachibanana [tachibana@ip2026.ponycanyon.co.jp] has quit IRC
[21:27] *** ichigo_dragon [ogata@ip2028.ponycanyon.co.jp] has quit IRC
[21:27] <Kita_Yuu> O_O Even here?
[21:28] <[ChiBaka]> They deserved it.
[21:28] <o-sukeyaki> Are there fangirls to catch them, by any chance, Kimi?
[21:28] <-debiru_boi-> Is Akira around first?
[21:29] <kimikoto> Er... not that I know of.
[21:29] <kimikoto> To both questions.
[21:30] * -debiru_boi- breathes a huge sigh of relief
[21:30] <^hiro_kingu^> I could've told you that. He's in bed now.
[21:30] <Kita_Yuu> I don't want to know why you know that.
[21:30] <o-sukeyaki> And where's Shinya?
[21:31] * ^hiro_kingu^ pulls a face at Yuu
[21:31] <^hiro_kingu^> Because I made a bet with him that Shinya wouldn't be able to beat me in ParaPara. And I won. So Akira had to go to bed early. And Shinya went off to bed because he was tired, too.
[21:32] <[ChiBaka]> DUDE!
[21:32] <^hiro_kingu^> Er... yeah. Like, the arcade Kimi installed in the basement of this building?
[21:33] <[ChiBaka]> And why did I not know about this?!
[21:33] * -debiru_boi- thwaps Ryohei
[21:33] <-debiru_boi-> Ryohei, have you EVER explored the building?
[21:33] <ChiBaka]> .........
[21:34] * -debiru_boi- laughs in triumph
[21:34] <o-sukeyaki> Okay, you gotta stop doing that out loud. It's freaky.
[21:34] <-debiru_boi-> It's your laugh too.
[21:35] <o-sukeyaki> You could at least do the maniacal thing in another room.
[21:35] <Kita_Yuu> Or more quietly. I can hear it from mine.
[21:36] <[ChiBaka]> .....right. I'll be off to search the building now.
[21:36] <// FRUITini //> I'm coming with!
[21:37] <Kita_Yuu> *coughs* Stalker.
[21:37] * // FRUITini // hits Yuu with his orange cap
[21:37] <Kita_Yuu> XP You're still a stalker.
[21:38] *** Kita_Yuu [kitamura@ip2031.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (I call the ParaPara machine first!)
[21:38] <[ChiBaka]> O.O LIKE HELL HE DOES! Furupon, go reserve it for me first!
[21:39] <// FRUITini //> *salutes* Yes, sir!
[21:39] *** // FRUITini // [furuya@ip2035.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (I obey my lover~)
[21:39] <[ChiBaka]> Right... useful as he is, that's just creepy. O_o;
[21:40] * -debiru_boi- laughs maniacally again.
[21:40] <o-sukeyaki> Not as creepy as Hisato laughing evilly.
[21:40] <[ChiBaka]> That's it, I'm leaving.
[21:40] <kimikoto> Wait, first, how did you get Keitachi and Doraichi to quit IRC, Chihei?
[21:41] * [ChiBaka] smirks and kicks the wall again
[21:41] <[ChiBaka]> Don't you love the power cord?
[21:42] <[ChiBaka]> They still don't know that I've fixed it so that I can knock the plugs loose with a kick.
[21:42] <^hiro_kingu^> O_o Okay, that's just EVIL.
[21:42] <o-sukeyaki> I worship you in awe.
[21:43] <[ChiBaka]> ....I don't need another one, thanks. *shudders in horror*

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