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A waffle!crack Holiday, Part One 
1st-Jan-2006 11:44 am
NOM | 三宅健
Bang. Bang. Bang.

Snuggled in his warm bed, Tachibana Keita groaned and rolled over, shoving the pillow against his ears.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

The persistant pounding on the door continued. "Go 'way," grumbled the lead singer of w-inds., throwing the blankets over his head.

Bang. Bang. Bang.

This time, Tachibana Keita threw up the blankets, threw up the pillows, leapt out of bed, and stomped quite angrily to his apartment's front door. Pulling it open with a jerk, he glared at the figure dressed in red-and-white before him. "Ho ho ho?" said the male weakly upon encountering Keita's death-glare.

"Look, I know you're supposed to know if I've been naughty or nice," started Keita, as calmly as possible, "And really, I've gotten used to the idea by now." His fist clenched tighter as he snatched the red-and-white-trimmed hat of the person who'd dared to wake him up and crumpled it. "But could you please do the stalking thing not in front of my house, Shinya Claus?!"

Taniuchi Shinya grinned weakly. "Sorry, orders from the great Lead no Leader." He snuck a peek over Keita's shoulder and into the apartment. "Any chance I can come in?"

His reply was a harsher glare, folded arms, and a couple of foot-taps. "Not until you explain what the hell Hiroki's thinking first."

Elsewhere, one Nakadoi Hiroki sneezed as he struggled to keep a hold of Kagimoto Akira. The latter boy was about ready to pounce on Ogata Ryuichi, having already cornerned him.

"Akira, this is not what we came here for!"

"Yeah, listen to your Leader!"

"Keep it up and I'll let him loose, Ogata."

"...I'll shut up now."

"But the secret to having a personal fangirl army, Hiroki!"

"No. They're bad for you. Sit."


"Holy shit, he actually sat!" Ryuichi slowly came out of the corner, keeping a careful eye on Akira as he headed for his dresser and grabbed some clothes to change into.

"So, let's get to business. By the way, I hope you don't mind, but those pints of Vanilla Ice Cream in your freezer? Yeah, I kind of used them up."

A soft thud as pajamas in the process of being stripped off were dropped. "But my ice cream sodas!"

Akira sniffled to himself. "Serves you right."

Elsewhere, a male was throwing a pint of Vanilla Ice Cream at another male. Along with everything else he could lay his hands on that wasn't likely to kill the second male.

"Honestly, Furuya, being an obsessive fanboy is one thing, raping me in my own house is another!" Chiba Ryohei dashed for his bedroom as he tossed another pillow at Furuya Keita.

"But Hiroki told me to do it!" whined Furuya, scrambling over the sofa in pursuit.

"Like hell he would!" Ryohei shot back, slamming his bedroom door shut behind him and locking it. He waited expectantly for the younger boy to reply or bang on the door.

What he got was several seconds of silence right before one Furuya Keita, 17-years-old, climbed through the ventilation window above the door and landed directly on top of him. For the rest of the minute, all Ryohei could think was how badly it hurt all over.

Luckily, Furuya jumped off Ryohei almost as quickly as he landed on him. As much as he liked the feeling of being on top, Furuya thought he preferred being on bottom with a living Ryohei rather than being a seme to a dead one. "Eeep! My Ryohei! Are you okay?!"

"Why me? What about the others?!" demanded Ryohei much later, holding an ice pack to his head and sitting up in bed. He wasn't too pleased at the fact that Furuya was sitting on his bed as well, but he couldn't quite move either. Furuya was more than content to keep his Ryohei in bed, though. To the point where he sat on Ryohei's lap to make sure he stayed.

"Oh, your bandmates are getting woken up by the rest of Lead," replied Furuya airily, looking up at the ceiling.

Ryohei gave him the driest glare he could. "And FLAME?"

The cheekiest grin Ryohei had ever seen (and he'd seen quite a bit, having been in the entertainment business) came up on Furuya's face. "Who do you think woke us up and told Hiroki to tell us to do it?"

Izaki Yusuke and Izaki Hisato, of FLAME, were off undertaking their personal Holiday-cheer projects. Yusuke had been glad for the excuse to jump down one Kaneko Kyohei's neck again (no one dared to ask whether he meant it literally or figuratively), while Hisato had been self-tasked with getting Noguchi Seigo out of bed and up for the party.

As he held his head in one hand and looked at the cellphone in his other, Kitamura Yuu realized the malicious grins on both boys' faces had been more than enough to make him regret he'd ever came up with this whole Holiday Party idea.

The squawking protest echoing from another room in the building, quite clearly in Seigo's voice as it proclaimed how Hisato didn't have to wake a person up with snow down the pajamas, seconded his thoughts.

8 minutes later, a phone call from Yusuke, crowing over how he had Kyohei by the collar and on the Ginza line heading towards the PURO-K building (with some very loud protests by Kyohei and plenty of curious murmurs in the background) thirded the notion. The conductor announcing the train's prescence at Tameike-sanno added a fourth consensus as he realized just how close they were.

All in all, Yuu could only wonder how the hell he was going to survive the day. Never mind the coming week.

[06:29] *** Sat Dec 24 2005 - LOGGING START ***
[06:29] *** Now talking in #wafflecrack
[06:29] *** Topic is -= Yuu say what?! =-
[06:29] *** Set by @kimikoto on Sat Dec 24 06:29 2005

[06:29] <@kimikoto> Yuu...
[06:30] <Kita_Yuu> ?
[06:30] <@kimikoto> You have GOT to be kidding.
[06:30] <Kita_Yuu> yea, that's what i thought too
[06:30] <@kimikoto> You let FURUPON go wake up Ryohei?!
[06:30] <Kita_Yuu> oh, that
[06:31] <@kimikoto What do you mean, "oh, that"?!
[06:31] <@kimikoto> Chihei's life could be at stake!
[06:32] <Kita_Yuu> nah, furuya wants some too badly for that
[06:32] <@kimikoto> Oh, yeah.
[06:32] <@kimikoto> Good point.
[06:33] <Kita_Yuu> but what the hell are we going to do at the party!?!
[06:33] <@kimikoto> You planned this thing and you have no clue?!
[06:33] <Kita_Yuu> so sue me
[06:34] <Kita_Yuu> it was spur of the moment
[06:34] <@kimikoto> How about a Secret Santa?
[06:34] <Kita_Yuu> with one day left to shop?!
[06:35] <@kimikoto> Hey, you asked for ideas!
[06:35] <Kita_Yuu> meh, fine
[06:35] <@kimikoto> And a karaoke party?
[06:36] <Kita_Yuu> we sing for a living, in case you've forgotten
[06:36] <@kimikoto> Do it anyways.
[06:36] <@kimikoto> Let ME pick the songs.
[06:36] <Kita_Yuu> eh, sure why not
[06:37] <@kimikoto> Erm, I guess we can magically whip up food in an hour or so.
[06:37] <@kimikoto> Somehow.
[06:37] <Kita_Yuu> btw, gackt doesn't know about this right?
[06:38] <asrun^dream> I'd be delighted to come, Kitamura-chan!
[06:38] <Kita_Yuu> holy shit
[06:38] <@kimikoto> ........
[06:39] <Kita_Yuu> what, its christmas!
[06:39] <Kita_Yuu> gotta keep in the mood!
[06:39] *** Disconnected
[06:39] *** Sat Dec 24 2005 - LOGGING END ***

Kimi would like to say she's sorry for the insane delay, but life decided to go and eat her with obligations and the occasional fun. So we shall be chronicling Yuu's (potentially disastrous) plan to take over the world to celebrate the Holiday season for the next several updates.

Kimi would also like all to note she needs to get back into writing prose, so all comments on that would be appreciated. And now wafflecrack wishes you a...

1st-Jan-2006 05:35 am (UTC)
HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!!!!! And a good way to start too! Love the crack! keep it up! <3333333 XD
1st-Jan-2006 09:52 pm (UTC)
Shinya Claus... oh man, this entire thing is gold.

And the icing on the cake?
asrun^dream I'd be delighted to come, Kitamura-chan!

Happy New Year, indeed! XD
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