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pretty boys dolled up in pink aprons
[don't smoke kiddies:it's bad for your voice]
Testing, testing, one two three. 
8th-Dec-2005 04:47 pm
NOM | 三宅健
Kimitsu: @kimikoto [mitsukichi@ip5791.puro-k.co.jp]
Tachibana Keita: ~tachibanana [tachibana@ip2026.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Chiba Ryohei: [ChiBaka] [chiba@ip2027.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Ogata Ryuichi: ichigo_dragon [ogata@ip2028.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Nakadoi Hiroki: ^hiro_kingu^ [nakadoi@ip2033.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Taniuchi Shinya: =shinchan05= [taniuchi@ip2034.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Kagimoto Akira: aruka9 [kagimoto@ip2036.ponycanyon.co.jp]
Furuya Keita: // FRUITini // [furuya@ip2035.ponycanyon.co.jp]

[21:45] *** Mon Nov 21 2005 - LOGGING START ***
[21:45] *** Now talking in #wafflecrack
[21:46] *** Topic is -= waffle fics =-
[21:46] *** Set by @kimikoto on Fri Nov 25 21:46 2005

[21:46] <ichigo_dragon> omfg holy shit, ewewewewewewewew eeeeeeeeeeeeeew!!
[21:47] * [ChiBaka] takes away the yaoi fanfics
[21:47] <~tachibanana> why are you still reading those?!
[21:47] <ichigo_dragon> y were u 2 readin 'em 2 begin with?
[21:48] <[ChiBaka]> For the last time, we were not reading and DO NOT read yaoi fanfics.
[21:48] <[ChiBaka]> Well, I don't know about Keita, but I don't.
[21:49] <~tachibanana> i'm insulted that you could even think i would!
[21:49] <// FRUITini //> HE MAY NOT BUT I DO!
[21:49] <aruka9> dese fanficz r made bai fangurlz rite?
[21:50] <^hiro_kingu^> Too much information, Furupon.
[21:50] <=shinchan05=> anyc hance i could blackmail him with it? ;D
[21:50] <aruka9> i want dese fanficz!
[21:50] <aruka9> gimme!!
[21:51] * aruka9 snatches da ficz from ryo
[21:52] <^hiro_kingu^> ...
[21:52] <~tachibanana> ..................
[21:52] <[ChiBaka]> ...........
[21:52] <=shinchan05=> ........................... 8O
[21:52] <// FRUITini //> WHAT?!
[21:53] * ichigo_dragon shoves furuya @ lead
[21:54] <ichigo_dragon> hes all urs 2 deal with
[21:54] * ^hiro_kungu* pushes Furuya to Chiba
[21:55] <^hiro_kingu^> Er... enjoy.
[21:55] <[ChiBaka]> How about "No, thanks"?
[21:55] <~tachibanana> we don't know you, stranger.
[21:56] * ~tachibanana backs away from ryohei
[21:56] <=shinchan05=> it's like furupon's the new game of hotp otato! XD
[21:57] *** [ChiBaka] [chiba@ip2027.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (Absolutely no comment.)
[21:57] <=shinchan05=> damn, he ruins all the fun. XP
[21:57] <// FRUITini //> BOO.
[21:58]*** // FRUITini // [furuya@ip2035.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (RYOHEI MY LOVE! COME BACK!)
[21:58] * ^hiro_kungu* blinks
[21:58] <^hiro_kingu^> Is it me or did it just suddenly get boring in here?
[21:59] <aruka9> i still want da fanficz!!
[21:59] <aruka9> ryu give mi plz!
[21:59] <ichigo_dragon> u have a sik sik mind, akira
[21:59] <ichigo_dragon> ill email em 2 u
[21:60] <~tachibanana> o(=.=)p look who's talking, ryu.
[21:60] <aruka9> realli? yay! fangurlz-creatd stuffz! thanx!
[22:01] <=shinchan05=> i'm not sure i want t oknow akira anymore. >O
[22:01] <^hiro_kingu^> Allllllllll right, BATSU-GAME TIME!
[22:01] *** ^hiro_kingu^ [nakadoi@ip2033.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (Where's the refrigerator again?)
[22:01] <=shinchan05=> i'm not sure i want to stick around anymore iether. :(
[22:01] <=shinchan05=> hearing akira's screams of teror will be much more fun. >D
[22:02] *** =shinchan05= [taniuchi@ip2034.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (vanilla ice cream hell yeah ;D)
[22:02] <~tachibanana> ...why the hell is everyone around here so twisted?
[22:02] <ichigo_dragon> hey u read yaoi fics n wear leather skirts
[22:03] <ichigo_dragon> luk whos talking
[22:03] <~tachibanana> that's only because i lost a bet!
[22:03] <ichigo_dragon> i never made u read yaoi fics
[22:03] <~tachibanana> i don't!
[22:04] <ichigo_dragon> my fangirl army sez otherwise
[22:04] <~tachibanana> you actually listen to them?!
[22:04] <ichigo_dragon> ill have u kno they r a very reliable source of info!
[22:04] <~tachibanana> ahahahahahahahahaha!
[22:04] <~tachibanana> about as reliable as kimi!
[22:05] <~tachibanana> eep.
[22:05] *** ~tachibanana [tachibana@ip2026.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (my life is worth it)
[22:06] <@kimikoto> I'll have you know I also take insult at being compared to your fangirls, Dorayaki. >O
[22:06] <ichigo_dragon> shit
[22:06] <ichigo_dragon> time 2 make like keita huh
[22:07] <@kimikoto> Definitely. >O
[22:07] *** ichigo_dragon [ogata@ip2028.ponycanyon.co.jp] has left #wafflecrack (yo wait up cherry boy!)
[22:07] *** Disconnected
[22:07] *** Mon Nov 21 2005 - LOGGING END ***

Apologies for the general lack of funniness, but this was really a test to see if I could write in different voices (This has been in the works for a while, there was even a preview). Doing all the not-so-proper typing for Ryu and Akira killed my brain cells. All misspellings on Shinya's part were purely intentional. Do comment and let me know what you thought of it - I may or may not continue doing chatlogs like this based on that?

Also, the boys of #wafflecrack will be cordially inviting you to their Christmas New Year's Chanukkah (Ryohei: We're. Not. Jewish.) Kwanzaa (Keitachi: Where did you get that from?!) Holiday Party!

Seigo: No, we don't.
Akira: Yes we do!
Hiroki: *dumps carton of Vanilla ice cream on Akira's head*
Akira: *runs off crying*
Shinya: ...that was mean.
Seigo: Indeed.
Hiroki: But so totally worth it.
Gackt: Indeed.
Boys sans Gackt: GAH! *runs off*
9th-Dec-2005 04:12 am (UTC)
Very amusing, the boys reading yaoi fics about themselves rofl. do write more! ^-^
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