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pretty boys dolled up in pink aprons
[don't smoke kiddies:it's bad for your voice]
"My sister always said fangirls can pop out of star-patterned bags." 
27th-Nov-2005 03:48 pm
NOM | 三宅健
And now, chibi waffle-puri crack!

( I solemnly swear that I am up to no good. To the poor boys' displeasure. )

Keitachi: Kimi, I hate hate hate hate HATE you.
Ryohei: Lighten up, YOU got it easy!
Ryuichi: Yeah, wasn't this the episode where Furuya became gay?
Ryohei: *shudders* I still don't want to know how Gackt got into the mirror. I blame Gackt for all this.
Hiroki: Oi, you think it's hard on you? My group now consists of a fanboy whose fandom is the fangirls, a constipation-obsessed stalker, and a fruity orange gay.
Shinya: Pink. He's pink. And you ARE constipated.
Keifu: OMFG I AM SO NOT PINK! *clings to Ryohei's arms* Tell them, Ryohei!
Ryohei: ......
Akira: Did somebody mention fangirls?
Seigo: I think you may want to change that statement to "a fangirl-obsessed fanboy, a constipation-obsessed fanboy, and a Ryohei-obsessed fanboy", Nakadoi-san.
Shinya: I'm not a fanboy!
Seigo: Don't fans stalk the objects of their fandom?
Ryuichi: You mean... HOLY SHIT SHINYA FANBOYS OVER ALL OF US! *pushes Keitachi at Shinya* Take him! Take him!
Keitachi: (dry) Thank you for the giant vote of support, Ryu.
Gackt: Don't worry, I'll always support you, Tachibana-chan.
Hiroki: When the hell did you get here?!
Seigo: *dialing Hyde* Damn... he's not picking up...
Ryohei: Why are we even bothering, just run! *runs off*
Keifu: *getting dragged along* As much as I am glad we're eloping, Ryohei, please warn me before you do that!
Ryohei: (pauses) Oh, wait. Ew. No. *attempts to shake Keifu off and fails* Hold on.
Keifu: Don't worry, I am!
Ryohei: No, not you! *heads back to Gackt* Hey, Gackt, do me a favor? Furuya says he wants to go visual kei but doesn't quite know how to go about it.
Gackt: *pries Keifu off Ryohei* I'd be utterly delighted to teach him, Chiba-chan!
Ryohei: *running away* I just did!
Gackt: Would anyone else like visual kei lessons? *looks at Keitachi*
Keitachi: I'll be making like Ryohei now. *runs off*
Akira: Will they get me fangirls?
Hiroki & Shinya: *simultaneously* Good GOD. *drags Akira away*
Ryuichi: Why am I still here? *runs off as well*
Gackt: Hmm... they're no fun. Well then, Furuya-chan, let us be off for those Visual Keita lessons. *heads off carrying Keifu*
Seigo: It's still not going through... *looks up* Huh? Where did everyone go?

Somewhere far away... FLAME wonders just why the hell they're not really in wFL crack lately. Or why Seigo is.
Yuu: Eh, who cares? Let Seigo suffer. Makes up for his lack of presence in the older ones.
Yusuke: (crying) I still want a cute nickname!
Hisato: *pushes Kyohei at Yusuke* Here, Kyoropon will give one to you!
Kyohei: I AM NOT A KYOROPON! What the hell am I doing here anywa- AAAAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH!
Yusuke: *satisfied at giving Kyohei a wedgie* Hah! That's for leaving!
Hisato: Because he's gay.
Yuu: And just won't admit it?
Hisato: That too.
Yusuke: ....I hate you, you stupid brother.
Hisato: Oh, yeah, you're that too.
Yusuke: I hate you.

By the way, that thing up there? So totally a fake cut. 8D
28th-Nov-2005 03:06 am (UTC)
DUDE. GEOCITIES SUCKS. D: Send it to me and I can put it up at my site.
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